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PhtyoPlanktons and Food Chain of Shrimps
Prawns, Fishes and other Aquatic Animals are natural habitat of aqua system. Large aquatic animals feed on small aquatic animals and survive. However, small aquatic animals can not feed on other Aquatic Animals.

Shrimps / Prawns / Fishes are natural inhabitants of aquatic ecology and they generally feed on PhytoPlanktons. PhytoPlaktons are Algae and there are more than 130 genera of this category and are natural part of food chain of prawns / shrimps / fishes.

Phyto means plants. Planktons are algae. Therefore growth of these PhytoPlanktons largely depend on established nutritional requirements like that of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium that are required for plants are necessary for growth of these organisms also.

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