Probiotics for large animals & pets - Products

S.No Product Generic Name Brand Name Bio / Chem Physical Prop- erties Level of Inclusion Suggested Usage Recom mended
01 Gut Probiotic Progut  Bio Powder 100 Gm/ Ton Feed Once In 10 Days
02 Liver Stimulant Stimuliv  Herbal Powder 500 Gm To 1 Kg / Mt Feed Once In A Week
03 Electrolytes Electra  Chem Powder 1 To 2 Gm/ Ltr In Cases Of Thermal
04 Mineral Premix Total  Bio, Chem
& Herb
Powder 10 Kg/ Ton Regularly
05 Semen Quality Quantity Improver Punaryavvan  Herb Capsules One Cap/ One Male Breeder For 7 Days
Monthly Once
06 Controller of Maggots & Flies Flyex -S  Bio &
Liquid 100 Ml / 25 Lt On 5000 Bird Shed On Litter, Walls
Surroundings Etc
07 Sacharaomyces Boulardii Bolardi  Bio Powder 25 Gms / Ton Feed  Once In 15 Day
08 Galactagogue Biz Ksheeravardhini  Bio
Powder 15 Gms/Day/ In Feed
Palavelluva      Adult Animal  
Vahdudh      Alternate Weeks  
09 Foot and Mouth Disease Care APTHACARE Herbo liquid 50-75 ml/ animal three days
10 Rinder Pest Care RINDERCARE Herbo
 liquid 60- 120 ml/ Animal  twice a day

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