Lung Klean

Bacillus thuringiensis var Israelensis
Strain VCRC B 17
Serotype 11-14
BioLarvicide for Mosquito control 
(Culex spp. Anopheles spp. and Aedes spp) 




Bacillus thuringiensis var Israelensis 
Strain VCRC B 17
Not Genetically Modified (non GMO


Liquid formulation (Micro-gel)


4000 ITU/mg

Spore count

Min 6.6*10^7 / ml

Total protein

Min 10% w/w

Delta endotoxins 

Min 5% w/w




Active ingredient (dry) 5.00 %
Sodium alginate 4.00 %
Glycerol 20.00 %
Liquid paraffin 10.00 %
Citric Acid 0.10 %
Sodium benzoate 0.20 %
Congo Red 0.05 %
Sterile Water q.s



Physical / colour

Creamy viscous liquid 
Soluble in water

Lc50 (ug/250ml)
(to 3rd instar larvae)

Culex quinquefasciatus 12-18
Anopheles stephensi 48-72


5 Lt /Ha gives 80% control in 
breeding of Culex spp. In casurina pits / drains / disused wells upto 19 days

10 Lt /Ha gives 80% control in 
breeding of Anopheles spp. In breeding pools upto 4 weeks

10 Lt /Ha gives 80% control in 
breeding of Aedes spp. In tree holes cesspits / drains / disused wells upto 19 days

Effect on non target organisms

Non toxic to honey bees. silk worms, 
predators in paddy fields, fishes, 


Acute oral toxicity – Rats, Mouse
Acute intraperitoneal – Rats
Acute inhalation – Rats
Acute dermal toxicity – Rabbit, Guinea pigs
Mucous membrane irritation – Rabbit
Primary skin irritation - Rabbits
Skin sensitisation – Guinea pigs

Shelf Life

Stable at 25-50 degrees C for 12 months


Neelagriva BioSciences Pvt Ltd, India

Licensed from

Strain, Technology, Registration 
Dossier (toxicology, bioefficacy etc) Licensed from Vector Control Research Centre (Indian Council of Medical Research), Govt of India 

Registration status Dossier available for Registration
Registration awaited in India
Contact for additional information SOM Phytopharma (India) Limited
154 /A5, SVCIE, 
IDA Bollaram 502 325
Medak District (Hyderabad) India
[email protected]


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