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How much urine is produced by a person
The amount of urine produced depends on numerous factors including Room Temperature and other environmental factors, state of hydration, activities, Age, Weight and health. 
In adult humans the average production is about 1 - 2 L per day. 

Urine is liquid waste excreted by the kidneys and is produced by a process of filtration from blood. This waste is eventually expelled from the body in a process known as urination
Healthy urine is a clear aqueous solution, varying in colour from dark yellow to colourless, depending on the dilution. 
The constituents besides water are urea, creatinine, Uric acid andurochrome ; Urine also contains various inorganic ions, including sodium and chloride. Lighter urine indicates higher water consumption.
Odour of urine can become worse when the urea in urine converts to noxious ammonia gas. 

It doesn't just mask the odor, but contains an active odor counteracting agent.

This is the step to an integrated approach to sanitation where human excreta is contained, sanitized and recovered for use in soil systems to enhance agricultural production.

Deactivates the crystallised urine deposits rendering them inactive. 
Digests the source of protein odors such as urine, feces, milk, blood, and more.
Kill the hepatitis b group virus. 
Kills the bacteria which feed off the residues and which contribute to the ongoing odour problems. 
Stop or reverse the yellow discoloration caused by urine contamination.

Simply spray UREX directly inside the bowls, behind toilet bowls, around sinks and basins etc. and the source of the odour is neutralised within seconds. 

Never spray UREX directly on animals or humans. 
Spray Only on inanimate objects. 

Dr Venkatesh Devanur, Director R & D, RADOSOM, a Govt of India, Dept of Scientific and Industrial Research recognized R & D Centre has recognized the situation you are in and would like to offer professional advise in this regard.

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