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You were very happy the day you were promoted to Senior Executive level and you will occupy that coveted office – fully paneled, private, air conditioned and with a private conference room and a bath room. And it is a prestigious office that has been centre of power for so many years. As you got busy in your job and got immersed in your professional world, lest you realised – this cozy closed air conditioned office which has been a closed air conditioned office for last many years would turn out to be your nemesis.

A normal healthy person your were, suddenly started sneezing, coughing, complaining eye irritation, skin burning, dry nose, running nose, fatigue, loss of energy and motivation etc. And the medical expense coverage did not deter you to consult the best of physicians, experts, diagnostic labs and super specialists. And the tests and treatments started and finally you are now confused as why there is no improvement. Yoga, Meditation, Naturopathy and all sorts alternative medicines and therapies started and you are trying to sincerely feel happy. However, the restlessness continues.

We would like to meet you at this juncture. If you only want us to meet you at your convenience.

Dr Venkatesh Devanur, Director R & D, RADOSOM, a Govt of India, Dept of Scientific and Industrial Research recognized R & D Centre has recognized the situation you are in and would like to offer professional advise in this regard.

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