PERSUIT is an effective disinfectant for home, hospital, institutional and industrial use. PERSUIT helps maintain a hygienic environment. PERSUIT kills germs and odour-causing bacteria, fungi and common viruses.

Unique Features and Advantages
Sanitises and deodorizes in one go. 
Provides a hygienic environment. Prevents molds growth. 
Virucide - Kills viruses on non-porous surfaces. Kills HIV-1 virus. 
Fungicide - Effectively fights fungus growth when used on surfaces such as kitchen and bath area. 
Can be easily diluted in water and mixed as per exact cleaning /disinfectant needs
Fresh pine fragrance leaves behind a light fragrance, without harsh chemical smells 
Phosphate-free formula Contains biodegradable surfactant.

Directions for Use

Disinfects and sanitises equipment and utensils in
Restaurants and Hotels 
Meat and poultry processing units 
Hospitals and Clinics. 
Industries and Offices

Cleans and sanitises all hard surfaces in homes. Kills harmful Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi.

Apply on:
Walls, floors 
Kitchen counter-tops 
Tables and chairs 
Bed frames 
Sinks and toilet bowls 
Bathroom floors 
Baby's room 
Food surfaces 
Dish racks 
Garbage bins 

Dose / Application Rate

For disinfecting food contact surfaces:
Dilute 5 ml PERSUIT in 1 Litre of water and spray on surface, leave to dry before placing food on the surface again. 
For hard surface areas in the hospital. Use for floor mopping:
Dilute 15 ml PERSUIT in 1 Litre of water.
For hard surface areas in homes:
Use the diluted PESRUIT for floor mopping. 7-8 ml of PERSUIT in 1 Litre of water. 

Discard unused diluted portion immediately after use or when solution becomes cloudy. Wear rubber gloves when using product. Keep out of reach of children.

Do not bring the bottle cap in contact with water for cleaning etc., as it may affect the efficacy of the product.

Recommended to be used as a disinfectant and not for sterilization. 

PERSUIT is Currently Available in :
5O Lt, 20 Lt, 5 Lt, 1 Lt, 500 ml, 250 ml and 100 ml containers 

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