A broad-spectrum Immunomodulator cum plant defence activator, with prophylactic, preventive and curative properties in controlling the bacterial diseases

Mode of action

It induces resistance development in host plant through activating respective centres of plants for protection against a variety of bacterial pathogens; it has no direct activity against target pathogens. BIOMYCIN exhibits a unique mode of action, which mimics the natural systemic activated resistance (SAR) response found in most plant species

Dosage & Method of application

0.3 g. / 1 lit of water

Method and time of application

BIOMYCIN should be applied to plant foliage as preventative application, before disease is observed in the field.

Although it moves systemically within the plant, uniform spray coverage is essential for best performance. Apply in sufficient water to ensure uniform coverage. Applications using sufficient volume of water to provide thorough and uniform coverage generally provide the most effective disease control. Maximum disease control is normally obtained four days after an application.

Frequency of application

The frequency of applications also depends on the percentage of diseases infestation. In the case of high infestation multiple applications are recommended. Applications during early stages of plant growth protect the plant during critical stages of development, translating into better performance and yield

Residue and Resistance 

Since BIOMYCIN leaves no detectable residue to does not contaminate the ground or surface water and requires no special disposal treatment; it can be discarded with normal refuse. Other environmental benefits of BIOMYCIN
are that it does not directly kill the pathogens, thus reducing the possibility that pathogens will develop resistance

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