RELAXOL  Ashwagandha Extract For Stress Management

Ashwagandha - withania extract 300 mg capsules

What is relaxol?
Relaxol is ashwagandha extract, withania 300 mg per capsule 

What is ashwagandha?
Ashwagandha (withania somnifora) is a herb called “queen of ayurveda prescribed for overall well being 

What is ayurveda 
Ayurveda is a holistic medical science - having 5000 years tradition in india, aims to cure the causal factors of a disease unlike the symptoms as in allopathy

Ayurveda (ayur = life , veda = science) the science of life has three branches 
1) for human health 
2) for animal health 
3) for plant health

Well, the over all wellbeing is the target of ayurveda and it does not belive in quickies 

Why is it called herbal viagra?
Well before any chemical viagra came in to market, herbal alternatives (which are not intrusive, non habit forming and not tip specific but reason specific) have been used by maharajas and their nobles . 

But what is relaxol?
Relaxol is capsule containing 300 milli grams of “pure” ashwagandha extract – withanin. 

Well how does work
Relaxol works as a holistic medicine on mind, soul and body. Body metabolites are charged to rejuvinate and the person is made to feel young at heart and the body is made to co-operate you may have observed that if man has anxiety, tensions he can not “perform” relaxol helps primarily to sooth body, mind and soul and prepares the whole psycho somatic system to work 

Well, sounds interesting, but - does it work?
Yes, it does work. But do not have anxiety and tension that you have popped a pill and wow !! Erection is there. Relaxol really helps to re-condition body, mind and soul to work in synergy and that synergy help you perform 

Ok, but how will i get to perform?
Performance in “bed” is narrow sense of “performing”. Relaxol helps person to bring down the blood pressure, soothen the mind, relaxes completely and creates an ambience and then he or she is conditioned to perform 

Ok how can i try it?
Well, start it small, make a good practice, take a 75 days course, one capsule in night with milk and relax. Just see results and then make it a good dietary habit. 

Can i take chance of ordering a course for 75 days ? 
Yes, just order for 3 tins of relaxol to get by post parcel, it comes for 75 days for both of you. Take one capsule with milk every night and see results for yourselves. 

How much does it cost? 
It costs much less than a cigaratte a day and much less than a soft drink a day. At usd 17 including postal delivery charges for two of you for 75 days 

Is the supplier qualified & credible? 
Som, phytopharma (india) limited 154 a/5, svcie, ida bollaram 502 325 medak district, a.p., india tel : +91 98854 6278 / +91 98854 00005, fax : +91 40 5532 6278 is company listed in mumbai stock exchange. 

Radosom – the in-house r&d centre is recognised by govt of india, dept. Of scientific & industrial research as an r&d centre 






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