MARGOSOM - MGO (Medical grade Neem Oil)

Neem is well known in Indian System of medicine for its beneficial properties such as disinfectant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, repellent to mosquitoes and flies, diabetes management, treatment of skin diseases and inflammations. In addition, several medicinal uses are suggested by well known Research Institutes and Monographs on Neem. Some of the medicinal uses are listed below.

About 5 to 8 drops of Margosom-MGO taken internally result in gradual reduction of oral anti diabetic drugs, alternatively 5-8 drops of Margosom-MGO can be taken into betel leaf. 

3 to 5drops, (or one capsule) of Margosom-MGO mixed with 2 tea spoons of sugar taken once a day, for 15 days help to cure tropical eosinophilia.

Apply 2-3 drops of Margosom-MGO externally for sunburn, chapped lips, minor cuts and bruises, cracked nipples, dry skin, dapper rash and as after shave.

Apply few drops of Margosom-MGO soaked in cotton for dental and gun troubles.

For Rheumatic pains, inflammation, swelling, massage Margosom-MGO mixed with Eucalyptus oil for relief.

For ear ache apply 1-2 drops of warn Margosom-MGO into ear.

Few drops of Margosom-MGO on used Mosquito mats or mix 5% Margosom-MGO in kerosene oil lamps to repel mosquitoes.

To cure piles take 5-10 drops Margosom-MGO and gently rub on the hermorrhoids for about a week.

For relief of elephantiasis, liberally massage Margosom-MGO on the affected leg. Always sleep with affected leg placed at higher position than your body.

A wick made from Margosom-MGO, put in fistula helps to heal it without operation.

Apply few drops of Margosom-MGO to cure pimples, black spots on face.

NEEM is mosquito repellent. Rub few drops of oil on the exposed parts of body for overnight protection. Alternatively 5% Margosom-MGO in coconut oil also may be used. Apply Margosom-MGO to children before going to bed. This treatment is useful since children are prone to Japanese Encephalities (JE) for which carriers are mosquitoes. Children in paddy growing areas are prone to J.E. since stagnant water in paddy fields are breeding grounds of mosquitoes.

Mix few drops of Margosom-MGO with coconut oil to stop falling of hair for enhanced growth. It prevents graying of hair. In case of baldness due to disease, other than hereditary continue the treatment for three months.

To get rid of lice and dandruff massage Margosom-MGO on the scalp at night and wash the hair in the morning. This may be done for a period of 3 months.

Externally Margosom-MGO is applied as antiseptic dressing in Leprosy, Urticaria, Eczaema, Scabies, Ring worm and Maggot infested wounds.

Margosom-MGO 5 to 8 drops (One capsule) taken internally for curing Chronic Malaria and other skin diseases.

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