GLUCONIL - Ayurvedic Neem Pearls For Diabetes Management

Azadirachta 300 mg.  DIABETES MANAGEMENT

Ayurveda has over 5000 years of tradition and is the most ancient and proven system of medicine. Ayurvedic system medicine aims to cure the causes and not the symptoms. Neem (Azadirachta indica) one of the most important nature’s gift to mankind – is a complete pharmacy. The active principles of neem are effective in management of diseases like Diabetes, Skin disorders, Dandruff, Fungal diseases, Viral fever and help in blood purification.

Gluconil * (Neem Pearls) is research product of RADOSOM- Govt of India, DSIR recognised R&D Centre. Gluconil is effective in management of diabetes and disorders of skin, hair and scalp.

Use recommendations
Gluconil 1-2 Pearls in early morning with plenty of water, give a gap of 30 mts for next intake of any diet. Continue medicines and diet as prescribed your doctor. Continue intake of Gluconil for 30 days. Check sugar level after 30 days and reduce medicine by half, continue prescribed diet and continue Gluconil intake. 60-90 days : Monitor blood sugar level and reduce medicines accordingly. Continue Gluconil intake for 120-180 days : Check blood sugar level and moderate medicines and maintain Gluconil intake 1 pearl per day thereafter.

Insulin dependent Diabetics
Take 2-3 Gluconil pearls in early morning on empty stomach with plenty of water and continue insulin for 90-120 days at prescribed levels. Check blood sugar level every 30 days and consider switching from insulin to oral medicines as per doctor’s advise. Continue above dose of Gluconil thereafter regularly.

Few persons may develop rash-may be due to allergy for the product. Persons allergic to sulpha drugs are advised to consult the doctor for use of this product. Persons developing constipation / loose motions are recommended to take Riboflavin 5 mg with Gluconil pearls.

Gluconil is an Ayurvedic medicine and does not indemnify the user from doctor’s prescribed medicines.

The manufacturer is responsible for purity of the product and not for any eventual abuse of the product

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