margosom Cpnko - Cold Pressed Neem Kernel Oil

Neem fruits / seeds from the silos are decanted and taken for shade drying before any further operation is initiated. The dried fruits / seeds are de-husked and decorticated so that Neem Seed Kernels are separated out. The husk and pulp are stored separately for onward uses.

The Neem Seed Kernels are used as feedstock for extraction of Neem Kernel Oil. Neem Seed Kernels are cold pressed to get Neem Kernel Cake and Cold Pressed Neem Kernel Oil (CPNKO). The Neem Kernel Cake (CPNK) is either marketed in the same form or blended with pulp and husk to market as Neem Cake.

The Cold Pressed Neem Kernel is the feedstock for extraction of Azadirachtin Tech and the Oil is also used in Azadirachtin Formulations as a natural carrier of Azadirachtin Tech.

Cold Pressed Neem Kernel Oil contains minimum of 800 ppm of Azadirachtin and is the raw material to formulate Emulsified Neem Oil (300 ppm Azadiarchtin EC).

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