Derisom PC  KARANJ CAKE  -  Advantages


DERISOM-PC is an organic fertilizer containing N, P, K, minor and trace elements in readily absorbable form. It also contains Karanj bitters which help in controlling soil insects, fungal pathogens, termites and nematodes.

When it is mixed with urea and other fertilizers, it acts as good nitrification inhibitor due to its bitter limonoid constituents of Karanj oil, which makes the soil more fertile by blocking soil bacteria from converting nitrogenous compound into useless nitrogen gas in the soil and thus nitrogen (urea) loss is minimized.

When used as soil amendment, it improves soil texture, pH, Oxygen level, nutrient status and soil structure.

It supplements humus and increases the water holding capacity.

It plays vital role on reclaiming waste land, saline and alkaline, acidic soils and desert soils. These soils can be converted into potential cultivable land by using DERISOM -KC.

Physical description : Brown to black, bitter, powder
Particles passing thruí : 90% passing thruí 2 mm mesh
Assay : Karanj Oil 8 % w/w min.
Ash content : Less than 14%
Moisture : Less than 10%
Protein : 20 % min.
Carbohydrates : 15 % min.
Fibre content : 15 % max.

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