BTC BOOM is a BioBooster specially designed for transgenic crops like Bt Cotton. BTC BOOM has natural ingredients and metabolites that help optimize genetic potential of Bt Cotton.

Bt Cotton being a transgenic crop, has the gene of Bacillus thuringiensis Kurstaki and thus has protection from Lepidopterous pests like Helicoverpa. However, with low load of Lepidopterous pests in the initial stages, the micro environment of crop may facilitate infestation of other sucking pests. Farmers are also observing the crop to be succeptible for reddening. 

BTC BOOM is designed to provide the crop with naturally occurring biostimulants, organic metabolites and ready to absorb nutrients so that Bt Cotton gets optimum support for harnessing genetic potential of the crop and develops natural strength to combat pests and diseases.

BTC BOOM is recommended to be used once at 45 days of sowing and second application at 60 days after sowing.

Dose : 2 ml per Lt of water.

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