BIO HUME - Impregnated in double roasted bentonite granules

BioActive Humic and Fulvic Substances of VermiCompost origin
Impregnated in double roasted bentonite granules
BioHumeTM Granule is an unique BioStimulant based on bioactive substances of VermiCompost is and recommended for soil application for all crops and all soils.
BioHumeTM  Granule provides BioEnergy required for crops and has biologically derived nutrients and biostimulant substances. 
Active ingredients :
BioActive Humic Substances of VermiCompost origin.
BioActive Fulvic Substances of VermiCompost origin.
Amino Acids
Biologically dericed N,P,K and trace elements.

BioHumeTM  is biologically derived material.

BioHumeTM  is NOT from mineral origin source.

BioHumeTM  is NOT Potassium Humate ar any othe chemical humate.

BioHumeTM  is extracted from VermiCompost in cold process and as such BioActive subsances do not get denatured.

BioHumeTM  is impregnated to double roasted bentonite clay granule.

BioHumeTM  Granule is designed for slow release.

BioHumeTM  Granule is non toxic to soil, environment and animals.

BioHumeTM  Granules are ideally suited for Bio Farming / organic farming.

Provides Bioenergy

Supplies biologically derived major an micro nutrients .

Provides biostimulants for better growth
Imparts drought and frost resistance
Imparts better organoleptic properties like aroma, flavour, lustre, taste, look etc.
Rice : 5 Kg per acre after transplanting 
Sugarcane : 5 Kg per Acre along with plant material as basal dose, repeat 2 more applications with gap of 45 days.
Orchards : 5 Kg per Acre twice a year
Vegetables, Flowers, Pulses,Oilseeds, Cereals etc : 5-8 Kg per Acre as basal dose or in early part of crop cycle.


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