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Somphyto is focused on promoting sustainable, non toxic, non hazardous and eco friendly inputs for improving soil health, plant health, animal health, human health and environment. A wide range of BioPesticides , BioFertilizers , BioStimulants, Animal Probiotics, BioAmelioration products and Nanotechnology based Agri / animal health inputs are manufactured by Somphyto . We have over 100 inputs approved for use in Organic agriculture under NPOP, India. All the products manufactured by Somphyto are Non Genetically Modified.

Somphyto has dedicated state of the art botanical extraction facility to manufacture Botanical BioPesticides. Karanjin, Annonin (Squamocin) and Azadirachtin are produced here. Somphyto has state of the art Submerged Fermentation (SmF) facility for production of Bacteria (both gram positive and gram negative) supported by clean down streaming facility for centrifugation, spray drying and vacuum drying. Somphyto has clean Solid State Fermentation (SSF) facility for production of Fungi supported by matching downstreaming facility for concentration and drying. Somphyto has production facility for Nanotechnology based products like Nano Silver, Nano Copper, Nano Gold, Nano Calcium and other Nano MicroNutrients. Somphyto has separate formulation plants for production of liquid, powder, granule and micro encapsulation formulations of BioPesticides, BioFertilizers, Plant BioStimulants, Animal Probiotics, Bio Amelioration products and Nanotechology based products. Somphyto has manufacturing facility at IDA Bollaram, Sangareddy District, Telangana, India.The facility is located in designated industrial estate and is very close to Hyderabad city. The facility has Process Plants, R&D Centre, QA Lab, Warehouse and office - all in one location. Somphyto offers custom manufacturing services of Agri Biologicals to many companies in India and other countries .

Somphyto has chosen a model of servicing Corporate Customers, wherein, bulk supplies are made to large number fellow manufacturers / marketers so that they market the consumer packs / brands. Somphyto also provides services of custom manufacturing and packaging consumer packs to valued corporate customers / marketers. Export revenue of company is about 50% of sales and products are well accepted in many countries.

Somphyto has established good international strategic alliances with leading global companies in the field of agri biologicals. This has helped the company to register about 50% of revenue from exports.

Somphyto is trying to adopt sustainability approach in all aspects of functioning. About 60% of power requirement of manufacturing facility is met with roof top solar power generation system. In-house effluent treatment plant caters to needs of addressing discharges and emissions.

Somphyto in-house R&D Unit is recognised by Govt of India, Dept of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) for the past 20 years and has developed many research products and commercialised.

Somphyto has entered into Technology Transfer Agreement and Microbials Strain Licensing Agreements with ICAR – Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, ICAR – Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research, CSIR – North East Institute of Science and Technology and with State Agricultural Universities for many BioPesticcides, BioFertilizers and Insect Repellents.

Somphyto has entered in to Access Benefit Sharing (ABS) Agreement with Telangana State Biodiversity Board for collection, isolation and commercialisation of microbial resources. Royalty is paid to the State Biodiversity Board for commercialising the approved microbial resources

Somphyto has been isolating promising microbial resources and deposited strains in National Centre for Microbial Resources (NCMR) - Microbial Culture Collection (MCC). NCMR is an affiliate member of World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC) registered with the World Data Centre for Microorganisms. NCMR is recognised as an International Depository Authority (IDA) for the deposit of Microorganisms for the purposes of Patent Procedures under the Budapest Treaty by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Geneva. NCMR also got recognition as a Designated National Repository under Biodiversity Act of India